Download skype for windows xp sp2

Download skype for windows xp sp2 and fix kernel32.dll error on windows xp sp2 – download skype old version for windows xp .

If you want to download Skype for windows xp sp2 then you are at right place. Before download Skype for xp sp2, please read the “cause of Skype not working on windows xp sp2”.

Microsoft purchases Skype and he want to provide Skype facility to his users. For this purpose Microsoft add login access with Microsoft accounts in latest Skype software.

That’s why, in latest version of Skype we can also login on Skype with Microsoft account. This is good thing for Microsoft users (Hotmail, live and outlook users).

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Download skype for windows xp sp2

Download skype for windows xp sp2 [trickybook.com]

This version is working on all windows operating systems like windows 7, 8, 8.1 and xp sp3.  But this latest version of Skype is not work on windows xp service pack 2 edition. In past, we can use any version of Skype according to our operation system capability. Means we used Skype version 5.6, 5.9, 6.6 etc on windows xp sp2. But after this new update in Skype, you can’t use these older versions of Skype on your operating system.

We see Skype update message when we try to login with older version of skype. After Skype updating, this problem is solve on all windows expect windows xp sp2. In windows xp sp2 we face new error message “fix kernel32.dll error” (after updating Skype or using latest Skype version).

  1. Best solution of this problem is to upgrade from windows xp sp2 to sp3. And use latest Skype software on windows xp sp3. 🙂 . Please don’t waste your time in fixing kernel32.dll error.
  2. If you not free now to upgrade to windows xp sp3. You can use given Skype setup on windows xp sp2. For installation! first uninstall latest Skype version from windows xp sp2. This setup may only help you for audio calls. So, when you find time upgrade to windows xp sp3.

Download skype for windows xp sp2

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If you have any other working method to run Skype on windows xp please share it. Hope you like our effort please give your feedback. Comment below! You face any problem in downloading or installing Skype. You may also like to read How to change skype ringtone on windows.

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