windows xp backup and restore with windows backup tool

How to use windows xp backup and restore – make windows xp backup and restore without any software – windows xp backup with windows backup tool.

We make backup of our important files and operating system settings. And in case of any problem with our operating system we restore this backup. After restoring backup you get your old settings or files. We use different tools to make backup of windows xp. But we ignore windows backup tool which help to make backup easily. Therefore, I try to guide you “how to make windows xp backup with this windows backup tool“.

Follow Steps to make windows xp backup:-

  1. Go to start menu and open run. Or press window +R button on your keyboard. Type “ntbackup” in run and press OK.
  2. You see wizard mode of “backup and restore” window. Press Next to continue. You find two choices one for “backup files and setting” and other for “restore backup files and setting”.
  3. Select first choice (backup files and setting) to make backup and continue. Here four categories are available for selecting files (want to make backup). Select anyone category (you desire) to make files backup. And go next.
  4. Choice a place for save backup in next window. You can also save it in flash drive. Type the name of backup below.  Go to next window to complete the setting and starts backup.

Follow Steps to restore windows xp backup:-

  1. To restore the backup, follow above first two steps of backup procedure. After follow those steps.
  2. Select second choice (restore files and setting) to restore backup and continue. In next window, select files, folders or drivers (want to restore).
  3. After selecting data for restore press Next. You see “completing restore” window, select finish, to start restore process.

In case of any problem or confusion feel free to comment below. You may also like to read Windows 7 backup and restore procedure.

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