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Download excel daily planner template 2015 freely – Excel daily planner which start from wake up time and cover one day schedule of a user.

Hey! I am come with very useful excel template to manage your daily schedule easily. This is an Excel daily planner. This will help you to remember your daily per hour tasks and Calls.

It provides you facility of evaluation at the end of the day. You can check total number of completed, uncompleted and partial complete tasks at the end of the day. And also check total number of uncompleted calls.

In this way, you can evaluate your daily progress and ready yourself to plane your next day tasks. You can save your reaming tasks of the current day.

How to use this Excel Daily Planner template

The use of this daily planner is very simple. Just put wake up time in a Cell. And enter tasks with respect to specific hours. Be patient! I did not leave you here 😀 . I am going to explain its usage in details in below steps.

You need to install Microsoft Excel in your windows operating system. If you have installed Excel than continue to read the following steps.

Download Template

  1. Open Excel Daily Planner Template in Excel. Current date is display on the header of the template automatically.
  2. You need to set Wake up Goal under walk up time goal cell. And under Wake up time cell put actual wake up time. Status automatically updated and time Column start from your wake up time.
  3. Put your daily route tasks, in front of time columns, under the tasks. You can put maximum two tasks within one hour. In Calls fill name and place of the call.
  4. When you update tasks and calls fields. Save and close your planner. And start your day.
    excel daily planner template

    excel daily planner template [trickybook.com]

  5. After the completion of the day open your Daily planner again. and Fill Checks against your tasks. If you complete your task than check Yes, if not than check No. If you complete your task partially than select partially check.
  6. When checks are updated than you can analyze summary of Tasks. Summary of tasks show total no. of tasks, completed tasks, uncompleted tasks, parity completed tasks and uncompleted calls.
  7. Finally in Remaining tasks put your reaming tasks of the day for further working.

Hope! you find this excel daily planner template helpful 🙂 . Fell free to share any issue or feedback about this template with us. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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