How to change skype ringtone on windows

How to change skype ringtone on windows – how to import your own .wav sounds in Skype and use for different Skype events.

Hey if you are trying to change Skype incoming ringtone than don’t worry. Here is complete method of change Skype ringtone. Skype continually update their version with same ringtone. No doubt Skype current ringtone is also good and Skype also provides the facility of change this ringtone.  That’s why Skype ringtone not change in latest versions.

You can easily change ringtone and use anyone of your like. The procedure of “how to change skype ringtone is below”.

For changing ringtone you need to install Skype on your operating system. A music file to make Skype ringtone. Skype only support .wav format. So use .wav files of size less than 1.5MB.

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Steps how to change Skype Ringtone:-

  1. Open Skype and login to your account.  In Skype, go to top menu and click on Call. Select audio settings from here.
    Open audio settings

    Open audio settings [trickybook.com]

  2. New window of Skype Options is appearing. Go to Sounds from left side. Here you see “import sounds” button (on right side); click on it. You can only import .wav files of size less than 1.5MB.
    import sounds to skype

    import sounds to skype [trckybook.com]

  3. After import .wav format music file, it shows in “My custom sounds” field.
  4. When music file has showed in custom sounds than you can access this in “Choose sound to Play” field. For check this, click on drop down icon, you see your custom sound in the list of sounds.
  5. For selecting custom sound, First select ringtone event from “Event to play sound” and than select sound  from “choose which sound to play” field.
    choose a ringtone for skype

    choose a ringtone for Skype [trickyook.com]

  6. When all options are selected as in above image. Press “Save button” to save all settings.

After saving settings your Skype ringtone is changed. 🙂 Enjoy your new Skype ringtone. Comment us for your feedback and suggestions. Share this article (How to change skype ringtone) with your friends on social media. Thanks for Reading!

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