Play chrome dinosaur game if unable to connect to internet

Play hidden chrome dinosaur game if unable to connect to internet – unable to connect to the internet dinosaur in Chrome is a Game.

Hey! Google chrome users. I come with new information about Google chrome web browser. Almost, all of you watch a Dinosaur with a message “unable to connect to internet”.

This message display when you are not connects to internet, due to any reason. Chrome shows Dinosaur which may try to realize us “Without internet, you now living in the dinosaurs age” 😈 .

This Dinosaur is not only a cartoon or image. It is a chrome dinosaur game which you can play, when you don’t connect to internet.

For example, you disconnect with internet for a few seconds. Then you can start playing this game. I’m sure; you can’t play this game for a long period because it is too simple. Just make a small fun 😀 during this boring period (in which internet is not available).

How to play offline Chrome Dinosaur game

For play this game you need to disconnect from the internet. When you disconnect to internet open Chrome and search or open any website.

  1. Chrome displays “unable to connect to internet” massage with Dinosaur (T-Rex).
    unable to connect to internet

    unable to connect to internet [trickybook.com]

  2. Press Space button from your keyboard or touch the Rex if you are on touch phone.
  3. Game will automatically start, now you need to jump over the cacti. For jump, use space bar from your keyboard or tapping on the dinosaur, on touch screen.
    jump over the cacti

    jump over the cacti [trickybook.com]

  4. At the top right corner of the game, you see two readings “one is your highest score” and other is your current game session score. This continuously increases as you play game. You hear a sound at every 100 points cover.
  5. There is no pause option / button appears in game. So, for pause just leave Chrome screen by press outside of the Chrome. Game resume automatically when you again select chrome screen.
  6. When Dinosaur touch with the cacti. Game was over đŸ˜„ . For play again, press Space bar again.
    game over when touch with cacti

    game over when touch with cacti [trickybook.com]

  7. One more thing you need to know; if during game playing, your internet is comeback than game session is automatically close. And your required web page is start loading.

New updates in Chrome dinosaur game

  1. Now Chrome updates this game by adding Birds. These birds come when your score is almost above 400. For saving from these birds, you not always need a jump. After adding these birds, game becomes difficult with respect to previous version.

    new update in google dinosaur game

    new update in google dinosaur game

  2. Now you can also save your Dinosaur from flying bird by Pressing Down arrow key. In this way, it sets down and safely continue its running.
    press down key to save dinosaur demo image

    press down key to save dinosaur [trickybook.com]

This chrome dinosaur game is only present in recent versions. You have an old version? Then you need to upgrade your browser to play this game.

Let’s play it!

Now if your internet is connected. Disconnect it yourself to play chrome dinosaur game for testing. You really engine it. This is a very simple game. Chrome may update it more in future. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

Mehran Aziz

I am a Student of Software Engineering. I love to share tips and techniques to solve Problems related to Internet and Computer technologies.