How to setup windows xp file sharing in workgroup

What is file sharing in windows xp – how to setup windows xp file sharing through server or client computer – access windows xp files on windows 7.

File sharing provides facility to share one computer files and folders with other computers, on the same network. We can do any change in these files or folders; depends upon permission of sharing. So, file sharing help to save time in transfer data between computers. This facility is available in all flavors of windows (xp, vista, 7, 8). In windows 7 and 8, we use Home group for file sharing. But windows xp file sharing is done with the help of Work Group. Therefore, I write the process of creating work group for windows xp file sharing. You can do file sharing from either server or client computer by following method. If you want to provide sharing without work or home group. Read this.! windows file sharing with IP address.

Step to follow:-

  1. Go to Windows xp control panel and select Network and internet Connections. In Network and internet connections, you need to pick a task. For making work group to provide sharing on network, Select setup or change your home or small office network.
  2. You see network setup wizard which help to share internet connection, files, folders and also printer. Follow instruction and Press next until you see connection method window.
  3. In connection method, there are three statements.
    ♦ Select first statement, if your computer is directly connected to internet and provide internet to other computers. Means if your computer is working like server and other computers are client computer. So conclusion is “this statement is for provide sharing from server”. (For more detail view example below the statement)
    ♦ Select second one, if your computer is connected to internet through server computer. Means internet on your computer (client computer) is access through other computer (server computer). So, this statement is for “provide sharing from client computer”.
    ♦ Select third, if your system connection category is none of above.
    connection method during windows xp file sharing

    connection method during windows xp file sharing [trickybook.com]

  4. In my case, I select second statement because my computer is client. And go next.
  5. Provide computer name, description and network name in next two windows.  And finally next to apply setting; this will take few minutes to setup work group.
  6. When network is setup; it asks for save network setup wizard for later use. Choice anyone choice you want. If you want to use this setup wizard on other computer select first choice (recommended). You can also access windows xp shared files either on windows 7 or 8. If you run this network setup wizard on windows 7 or 8 respectively.
  7. Restart your computer for new settings. After rebooting computer, you will successfully able to provide windows xp file sharing.

Hope! now you can share windows xp files in WorkGroup. Comment below, if you face any problem about this article. You may also like to read Windows file sharing with straight cable.

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