Delete undeletable files in windows xp,7,8 easily

How to delete undeletable files in windows xp,7,8 – You can also move, rename a file which have some problem in your windows operating system.

In windows operating system we always prefer to work in graphical environment. In graphical interface, you are not familiar with deep level problems. And try to find the solution of problems in GUI form. Therefore, i come with a solution of a problem, which is in a graphical form.

Sometimes you may see that, some files or a file is not rename, move or delete due to some errors or after infected from a virus.

You cannot delete them with traditional way of deleting files. No double, there are many methods to delete undeletable files. Like, you can delete these files after some registry changes. But today i am give you a very simple way to deleting these files. You can also delete any infected file or virus directly 🙂 .

Follow below steps to delete undeletable files

First of all download this small tool of size 1MB only, link is Here. After download this software unzips it with winRAR. After uncompressed, install it in your windows operating system. Its installation is very simple. So, i am not describing it now.

When you install this application successfully then it is added in menu which opens “when you right click on a file in windows“. Like below.

Add unlooker in menu

Add unlooker in menu [trickybook.com]

  1. Right click on a file which you want to rename, move or delete. You see Unlocker option like above. Select this option.
  2. A small window of this software is appearing. Select an action you want to perform on a file from here. There are three options move, rename and delete. Select anyone action you want to perform.

    Select a action to perform on a file

    Select a action to perform on a file

  3. After select an action. Click on OK button to perform selected action on the file.
  4. This app quickly provides required output. Sometimes files may not delete in a simply way. In that case this app asks for performing action on next reboot of the system.
  5. If you select to perform that action on next reboot than. It must delete undeletable files after reboot. You can check this after starting your system.

My view about this tool:

“I personally use it many times and it provides me required result every times”. But i am not using this tool for moving, renaming and removing operating system files.

Over to you:

At the end, I want to tell you “use this tool on your own risk, when you working with operating system files. I not responsible for any damage in your system files. Hope! You enjoy this kill tool for move, rename or delete undeletable files very easily.

Mehran Aziz

I am a Student of Software Engineering. I love to share tips and techniques to solve Problems related to Internet and Computer technologies.