How to delete Skype chat & call history

How to delete Skype chat history and also clear call, video messages, file transfer history completely, in Skype desktop application.

Hey, welcome to Skype users. Every one of you knows Skype provides live audio/video calls, chatting and files transfer facility freely. Skype application saves message and also information about these calls as history in your system.

This history is helpful in many situations like you can read previous messages. But in some cases you may want to delete this history. So, if you still not know about how to delete Skype chat history than don’t worry and ready to learn in this article.

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Learn how to delete Skype chat history

  1. First of all, sign in to Skype with your Skype account, on windows desktop application of the Skype.
  2. When you will successfully login to Skype. Click on Tools from the top menu bar and select Options.. from here. You can open it by pressing ( ctrl+, ) together.
    open skype options setting

    open skype options setting [trickybook.com]

  3. Now in options window, Select Privacy from the left side. And open privacy settings under privacy tab.

    You may know that you can keep history for a specific time. Means, skype will automatically delete previous history before that specific time. This settings are available under “Keep history for” text.
    you can keep history for 2 weeks, one month, 3 months or forever.
    Select any option as you like for future. Remember, this setting is not related with present topic “how to delete skype chat history”. So, leave this here and go to next step 🙂 .

  4. You see some settings for history at the middle of the window. Click on clear history button to delete skype chat history.
    clear skype history

    clear skype history [trickybook.com]

  5. As you click on clear history, you see a new small message for conformation of history removal. Click on delete.
    conform to delete skype history

    conform to delete skype history [trickybook.com]

  6. You clearly understand from above image that which things history is deleting. All Skype Messages, SMS, calls, voice messages and file transfers will delete from history. At last click on “save button” on previous windows (options window) to save and close options window.


Now are successfully delete Skype sms, calls, file transfers history successfully. Hope! you clearly understand how to delete skype chat history successfully. Feel free to comment below, in case of any problem during above process.

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