How to disable avast antivirus temporarily

How to disable avast antivirus temporarily to run a program – what different options of avast shields control can do, to disable avast.

Here i am tell you How to disable avast antivirus temporarily. If you are using Avast antivirus to protect your system form virus than you may see these things:

1st is you want to execute a file but Avast stop it. (like some key logger, crack file etc).
2nd is Avast finding virus continuously and ask for system boot scan.

This means you antivirus are working well. The work of antivirus is finding virus and stopping execution of wrong files. So, you should stop files execution that your antivirus not allows to execute.  And scan your system; as your antivirus recommended.  But if you still want to execute these files. Or you are busy in work and want to do system scan when free. So, don’t uninstall antivirus. You need to disable Avast temporarily and it starts working again after enable it.

Steps to disable avast antivirus temporarily:

  1. Open Avast and go to setting from the left bottom. Select Active protection from settings. In Protection, you see file system shield. Here you can on or off protection.
    Go to taskbar at the bottom. Show hidden icons of the taskbar. Here you see Avast icon. Right click on the Avast icon and go to Avast shield control.
    How to disable avast antivirus

    How to disable avast antivirus [trickybook.com]

  2. In avast shield control; you see four options for disable antivirus.
    disable for 10 mints Antivirus start after 10 mints.
    disable for one hours start after 1 hour
    disable until computer is restarted antivirus stop and start on restart of computer
    disable permanently antivirus stop and run only when you start it manually
  3. When you select one of the disable option. Avast give a message of component stop. Press yes to disable antivirus and your antivirus is disabled 🙂 .

How to enabled Avast antivirus shields:-

Again right click on Avast icon and Click on avast shield control. Here you see option of Enable all shields. This option is only show when avast is already disabled. Select this enable all shields option to enable Avast.

Enable avast all shields

Enable avast all shields [trickybook.com]

I think now you can easily disable and enable Avast antivirus. Contact us for any help about “how to disable avast antivirus”. You may also like to read how to run avast boot scan.

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