How to run Avast Boot Scan to remove all viruses

How to run Avast Boot Scan to remove all viruses – complete setting of how to schedule boot scan automatically and what actions perform on threads.

As you are users of Avast antivirus or want to try this antivirus. Question is why you use Avast. There are many other good antiviruses which also help to protect your system (computer, Laptop). Avast have some benefits on other antiviruses. One of the benefits which I personally like in Avast antivirus is “Boot scan”. Avast also have facility of other scans like removable media scan, quick scan, full system scan. But avast boot scan is best.

How Avast boot scan work. It scans your system before the start of an operating system (like before the start of windows). And it scans system drives one by one. Sometimes antivirus detects a thread but it unable to remove this virus because it executed and uses operating system resources.

So the advantage of boot scan is; antivirus scans and removes virus when it is stop. So after seeing this befit of boot scan we need to try this. The procedure of how to run Avast boot scan is as following:

Follow stops to run Avast boot scan:-

  1. Open Avast user interface and go to Scan. You see different scanning options; Select Boot-time scan from here.
    Select avast boot scan

    Select avast boot scan [trickybook.com]

  2. By default boot scan is unscheduled, you need to schedule and do some settings. For that Click on Settings; new Avast window will appear.
  3. Here select Areas to scan (select portions to scan). Go down and select an action to apply when a threat is found during scanning. For example when you select delete, it delete every found thread without asking. Press OK to apply these settings.
    Settings for boot scan

    Settings for boot scan [trickybook.com]

  4. After saving settings scan is schedule. Now your system is ready for boot scan at next restart. You can also start scanning any time before system restart manually.

Now you can start boot scan at any time; when you want. Time of avast boot scan is depends on your system data. If you face any problem or confuse during scanning than Feel free to comment below! Share this with your friends on social media. You may also like to ready How to block and unblock someone on Skype.

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