How to change folder icons on windows

How to change folder icons without any software – free download windows folder icons – change folder icon windows 7 and 8

Folders are the most important part of windows file management system. These help in graphic interface of windows. Folders are used to keep data separately. We separate these folders with their names. Windows have a large verity of icons for softwares and hardware devices. A special icon is also available for folders. These folders are identifying by this icon. Microsoft uses this folder icon from a long time. Sometimes, we think to change folder icon.  You can change these icons of folders with beautiful, funny, romantic and much other kind of icons. You can also use your own created icons. You may like to read how to make windows 7 bootable usb.

Save your icons at that place where “you not need to move folder of icons or change the name of folder (contain ICONs)”. Because, in two cases your ICONs change to default icons. Case 1: path of the used icons is changed. Case 2: name of the folder (contain icons) is changed. 

The procedure of changing folder icons is given below

  1. Open properties of the folder which icon change. Right click on folder and select properties. New window of folder properties is appearing.  Go to customizes and select change icon.
    how to change folder icons

    how to change folder icons [trickybook.com]

  2. After selecting change icon small window contain default icons appear. These icons are already present in windows and use for different devices and folders.  Click on Browse… to change default icon of folder.
    default icons window

    default icons window [trickybook.com]

  3. During browsing select the path of folder ICONs. Select your icon for the folder which you want.  After selecting icon you see window like below.
    change folder icons is done

    change folder icons is done [trickybook.com]

  4. After applying, change is saved and you see new folder icon. See my folder icon below after changing.
    beautiful look of change icons

    beautiful look of change icons [trickybook.com]

Enjoy 🙂 beautiful and funny folder icons. Please don’t forget to give your feedback. You may also like to read How to create a torrent file.

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