How to hide friends on facebook

How to hide friends on facebook – how to hide facebook following list and simple procedure of hide facebook followers with screen shoots.

As we know Facebook is an online social media. Here we connect with friend, family members and people of different locations. We communicate with them through different ways. As we are the user of social network we need privacy.
Facebook provide every kind of privacy to her users. It also provides facility of friend’s privacy. In friends privacy we can hide our friends from a friend and other user of Facebook.
Hiding friends is an easy process. But sometimes we not find them because it doesn’t appear in privacy setting. To solve this I write this article how to hide friends on facebook.

how to hide friends on facebook

how to hide friends on facebook [trickybook.com]

  1. Open your Facebook profile after login. Go to Friends list by click on “Friends” which is right side of photos. See “+ Find Friends” button at the top right side of the friends list. Click on pen like image button which is along right side of “Find Friends” button.
    how to hide friends on facebook

    how to hide friends on facebook [trickybook.com]

  2. New menu having options (Mange Section and Edit Privacy) appear. Select Edit Privacy from here.
  3. In Edit Privacy menu you see Friends list, Following and Followers categories. Their privacy changing option is available in front of all these categories. Simply click on these options and change according to your desire.
    friends privacy menu

    friends privacy menu [trickybook.com]

  4. You can change privacy according to public, friends, only me, custom, area and institute etc.

What these facebook friends list privacy options do?
Public: all people even they are not your friends can see your “friends”.
Friends: allow showing to your friends only. Friends can see your “friends”
Only me: hide from everyone. Nobody can see your “friends”.
Custom: Chose who can able to see your friends and who not.
Area, institute, organization: People belong to these Area, institute or organization can see your “friends”.

Hope! You can able to change your facebook friend’s list privacy. If you face any problem or feel to give any feedback, comment below. You may also like to read How to change folder icons on windows.

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