How to create a torrent file with utorrent

How to create a torrent file and upload it – Complete process of making torrent file with utorrent and added to utorrent to provide seeding.

Torrent provides a best downloading facility. It downloads data like software, movies, TV shows, application, games etc. Other downloaders download data and also do good job. But they are mostly unable to download large files. We can download these large files with torrents easily.
Mostly we use utorrents and bit torrent for downloading data through torrents. These software downloads data from servers and also from client computer like our computers. People download data from torrents and then provide to others by seeding.
Seeding is a torrent features in which we send downloaded data to other torrent users. We can provide our own software, movie, game to user of torrents. For this you need to make torrent file of these movies, software, or others. To solve this, I write this article  how to create a torrent.

Process of creating torrent file

  1. Install utorrent on your system. If you have installed already than leave this step.
  2. Open utorrent and select File -> Create new torrent from top left corner of utorrent. Or Press Ctrl + N. Create new torrent window is appear like.
    how to create a torrent file

    how to create a torrent file [trickybook.com]

  3. Here select files from your system to make torrent. Click on add file if you want to create torrent of single file. But if you have more than one than use add directory. Add directory select a folder in which multiple files placed.
    select files to create a torrent

    select files to create a torrent [trickybook.com]

  4. Next you see the Trackers era. By default some trackers are already placed here. We can add more trackers. You can get these trackers from downloaded torrent file. If you not have torrent files download it from internet and use its trackers
  5. In others portion check start seeding if you want to start seeding. If your torrent is Private than other torrents sites not download and save in their servers. Create encrypted make your torrent file password protected. So making private and encrypted torrent is your own choice.
    how to create a torrent file

    how to create a torrent file [trickybook.com]

  6. At last! click on Create. It asks for saving this torrent file. Save it where you want 🙂 .

Upload your torrent file to any one torrents site. Other torrents sites download and upload this torrent itself. To provide seeding, add this torrent file to utorrent by pressing ctrl + O. 

Comment us if you face any problem about torrent files. You may also like to read How to download movies using utorrent freely.

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