Windows 7 backup and restore procedure

Windows 7 backup and restore – complete guide to make backup and restoring of backup without any software – change auto backup schedule.

As we working on windows, we need to save our important data on system drives. We also installed important software. In case of any problem in operating system our important data and software lost. Windows provide Backup facility to resolve this problem. It is a good option to secure data. We make backup to secure our data and restore that data at the time of any problem. To see important of backup, I write this article windows 7 backup and restore. There is no need any software for windows 7 backup and restore.

windows 7 backup and restore

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Follow steps to make windows 7 backup:-

  1. Open “backup and restore” through control panel -> System and Security -> Backup and Restore.
  2. In backup and restore window you see backup and restore options. Select Set up backup to access “set up backup” window.
  3. Set up backup window have options to “select the destination” for saving backup. You can save backup in any drive other than C drive. You also save this on the network computer.
  4. After selecting drive press next. You see two choices first one is “recommended by windows” and second one is “let me to select”. In first choice, windows automatically select the files for backup. In second choice, you select files for backup. Select which choices you want and press next.
  5. Review backup settings window have option to select Schedule timing. You see default time and you can also change it “before and after making backup”. When schedule timing set than click on “Save settings and run backup”.
  6. After saving backup settings you see backup progress. This will take time according to data (you want to make backup).

Follow steps to restore windows 7 backup:-

  1. If you want to restore some files from the backup. Go to Restore option in “Backup and restore window”. In Restore area you see “Restore my files”. Restore my files only appear if you already have backup in computer.
  2. After selecting “restore my files” you see “Restore Files” window. In this window you need to select number of files or folders from backup. After selecting files or folder (want to restore) press next.
  3. Next you see files restoring location. You can restore files in original location (where file located before backup) or in new location. Select this location and click on restore. Restoring will start, it take few time depends on files size.

Hope you like this article windows 7 backup and restore procedure. If you face any problem feel free to comment below. You may also like to read unblock websites without proxy or software.

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