unblock websites without proxy or software

unblock websites without proxy site – open block websites without any software – how to unblock websites on chrome with ZenMate

As we know we unblock websites with proxy sites. We may use proxy software like hotspot shield, spot flux etc. These websites and software cause a lot of ads in web browser. Due to this, your system working and web browser performance is decrease.

So to solve this problem, I write this article to introduce with new trick. I suggest you Google chrome extension to unblock sites. Name of this extension is ZenMate.

Zenmate give access to block websites by changing the proxy of browser. Its performance is high because is working without ads. The complete process of adding ZenMate is given below.


You have installed Google chrome on your system.

Setups to follow:-

  1. Open this given link of ZenMate extension of Google chrome. On new tab you see ZenMate in chrome play store. Click on Free at the top right of the browser page to add ZenMate.
  2. You see small confirmation menu of extension. Select Add to continue. After downloading ZenMate automatically install. But this not starts working until you provide email address.

  3. Enter Email address to secured connection. After giving email address its color change to green from blue.
    add ZenMate to unblock websites

    add ZenMate to unblock websites [trickybook.com]

  4. You can on and off ZenMate by left click on its icon. You see on and off option at the bottom of Zenmate menu. By default proxy of ZenMate is Hong Kong. You can change it by click at the center. You see list of locations for selection.

    change proxy location - on and off zenmate

    change proxy location – on and off zenmate

Your browser proxy is changed when Zenmate is running. Now you can open any block website same like other websites. You may also like to read unblock and download youtube videos.

Mehran Aziz

I am a Student of Software Engineering. I love to share tips and techniques to solve Problems related to Internet and Computer technologies.