Unblock and download youtube videos

Unblock and download YouTube videos easily – unblock YouTube videos without any proxy or software – download YouTube videos free.

As we know YouTube is block in some countries. This is because of immoral material on it. So this is a good action by the higher authorizes of these countries. On the other side this action also has many disadvantages.

YouTube provide a large electronic library for students.  We watch all kind of videos (lectures, songs, movies and a lot more). We need a way of accessing YouTube videos without immoral material. Therefore, I write this article Unblock and download YouTube videos.

I provide a link of website ytpak.com to unblock and download YouTube videos. You cannot access to immoral material of YouTube from this site. This website filters your search quires to disable immoral material.This website also provides facility to download any video you want. You can download video from download link provided below of every video. you may like to read How to hide friends on facebook.

How can we unblock and download YouTube videos on this website?

At the top of the site, you see a search bar. In this search bar you can search any video which is available on YouTube.

site to unblock YouTube

site to unblock YouTube [trickybook.com]

Here you can search a video in two ways.

  • First way is similar like searching in YouTube. You can find a YouTube video by search its name in the search bar.
  • Second way is for watching specific video. You need video URL to see a specific video.
    For example you watch a video on YouTube or find during searching on your favorite search engine (like Google). So, you can use video URL and watch this video on that site.
    You can copy its URL from url bar of the browser. After copy paste it, in search bar to watch.

When you found your desire video successfully on this site. Open that video. You see a red color bar where ” click here to download a video or mp3″ is written. Click on it.

A drop down menu is appeared, when you click on this bar like below.

  • You can download video almost in two formats (mp4, 3gp) and quality depends on video.
  • You can also download only music of the video in mp3 format 🙂 .
  • Third on which i like much. you can cut/crop the video to required position/time before download.

how to download youtube video

how to download youtube video [trickybook.com]

Final Words
Hope you enjoy this article after open YouTube videos without any proxy or software. If you face any problem about this article or feel to give any feedback than comment below. You may also like to read unblock any block website in your country.

Mehran Aziz

I am a Student of Software Engineering. I love to share tips and techniques to solve Problems related to Internet and Computer technologies.