How to convert webpage to pdf

How to convert webpage to pdf – convert webpage to pdf file for offline reading- without using any extra software or online website.

As we all know we use web browsers for the use of internet. Web browsers provides a way to communication and browsing over the internet on different websites. We don’t access these websites without internet. But you can save this data at your first visit, I provide a method How to convert webpage to pdf.

Sometimes you like an article on internet and you want to save this page. Don’t use copy & past 🙂 for saving this data. You can save this webpage to pdf for the later study.

Different websites provide online tools for converting webpage to pdf.  But I provide you a best method for this conversion without any extract tool. You may like to read Make google my default search engine in web browsers.

how to convert webpage to pdf

how to convert webpage to pdf [trickybook.com]


  • You have a web browser installed (chrome, Firefox or any other).
  • Adobe Reader for reading pdf files. If you not have this, download it from Download Adobe Reader.

The complete process of converting webpage to pdf is as following:

  1. Open webpage ( you want to convert to pdf ) in web browser.
  2. After opening the webpage Press “Ctrl+P” from keyboard. When you press these buttons, new window for print is open. Like this..
    How to convert webpage to pdf

    How to convert webpage to pdf [trickybook.com]

  3. Click on change new window is open. This window provides different options for saving data. Select Save as PDF.
    How to convert webpage to pdf

    How to convert webpage to pdf [trickybook.com]

  4. At the end Save your document. When you press “save it ask for selecting the saving place in your PC. Save it where you want. Now you have done your work.
    save into pdf

    save into pdf [trickybook.com]

After save webpage into pdf form, you can reading this later offline. If you fell any problem or give any suggestion about this article. Please give your feedback in comments. You may also like to read How to send large files via email.

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