How to find wifi password on windows 8

How to find WiFi password on windows 8, 8.1 – see all saved WiFi password that already used in windows 8 – also find forgotten WiFi password.

We need password to use a secure WiFi connection. We only give this password at first time. After that WiFi connection is saved along with password for further use. Windows use this password for conformation at the time of next use of WiFi.

It means we can see WiFi connection passwords after entering first time. For example we use WiFi router for a long time and not change its password. And unfortunately you forgotten this password than you can find it. Below are the methods of finding these passwords.

In first method you can only see that WiFi connection password which you are using currently. In windows 7 you can see passwords of all saved WiFi connections even you are not currently using them. But in windows 8, you cannot see other WiFi connections passwords that are not currently use 🙁 . This is a new privacy and security feature in windows 8, 8.1.

Don’t worry! 🙂 I also have a solution for this in second method. In second method you can easily see all the saved wifi connection along with their passwords that you are used.

How to find wifi password on windows 8 when using internet

  1. Open Run by pressing its shortcut buttons (windows + R). In run write ncpa.cpl and press enter.
    open run and write command

    open run and write command [trickybook.com]

  2. Control panel is opened and you see all network adopters. Find WiFi or wireless adopter. Right click on that WiFi adopter and open its Status.
    Open WiFi connection status

    Open WiFi connection status [trickybook.com]

  3. A new window of WiFi status is appearing. Open Wireless Properties from here. In properties go to security portion of the WiFi properties. You can see WiFi security type and also its password, when you check on Show characters.
    find WiFi password on windows 8

    How to find WiFi password on windows 8 [trickybook.com]


How to find WiFi password on windows 8 when not using internet

  1. For seeing offline WiFi connections passwords, you need to download small software. This software name is “wireless key view”. This is a product of NirSoft and its totally save.  Download it from Here.
  2. This software is in a zip file; extract it. After extracting, run wirelesskeyview.exe file. It asks for administrator permission press yes to continue.
    Run wireless key view

    Run wireless key view [trickybook.com]

  3. After giving permission it show you all the saved WiFi connections along with their passwords. Same like below.
    See all wireless connections Passwords

    See all wireless connections Passwords [trickybook.com]

Final Words

Now you can see all WiFi connections passwords; which you used. You can also able to recover your forgotten WiFi password. Comment us, in case of any problem about “How to find wifi password on windows 8”. Share this trick with your friends and thanks for reading 🙂 .

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