How to see google chrome saved passwords

How to see google chrome saved passwords with easy steps – and how to remove these saved passwords from chrome browsers.

Don’t worry if you try to find Google chrome saved passwords. Before finding these passwords, let’s see what benefits of these are.

We login on a website to access our accounts (by using username and password). Chrome provides us facility of saving these password and username in memory. And it auto fill these username and password when we open this website (which username and password saved).

This thing has a disadvantage that our password is saved in memory. We not use it at login because browser automatically fills it. And result is we forget password 🙁 . So don’t worry you can easily see these password now.

How to see Google chrome saved passwords:

  1. In your chrome browser see customize setting icon (at top right side). Click on it; list of options will display. Select Settings from here, to open chrome settings.
    open settings of chrome

    open settings of chrome [trickybook.com]

  2. Chrome settings will open in new tab. These are some basic settings of browser. We need to see advanced settings. Scroll down and Click on Show advanced settings for seeing advanced settings.
  3. When advanced settings opened. Go to Passwords and forms at the center of the settings page. Click on Manage passwords to see saved passwords.
  4. A new pop-up is appearing which contains all saved passwords.  You can also search for a password of any specific site in search bar.
  5. These passwords are not showing you directly because these are in dotted form. For seeing password click on it. There is a hidden show button which will display.
  6. Click on this show button. A pop up is appearing for security check. Enter your windows login password here. And press OK.
    see google chrome saved passwords

    see google chrome saved passwords [trickybook.com]

    You are done this 🙂 . Now you can see password.
  7. If you have not windows login password than you can also see these dotted passwords through inspect element.

How to remove Google chrome saved passwords:

Take your mouse cursor at the end of the password row. You see a cross symbol, like in below image. Click on it, to remove this password.

remove google chrome saved passwords

remove google chrome saved passwords [trickybook.com]

Hope! Now you can easily see and remove google chrome saved passwords. Feel free to comment below, in case of any problem about this procedure. Thanks for reading 🙂 . Please share with your friends. You may also like to read how to backup and restore chrome bookmarks.

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