How to use Laptop as WiFi Router

How to use laptop as WiFi Router with easy method – Use internet on other laptop or mobile phone through this WiFi router with full internet speed.

You have a laptop and use internet through Ethernet or Lan card (using internet cable). Mostly we have only one internet cable. That’s good when only one user of this internet cable. But if more than one user of that internet cable and he is waiting until internet cable is free.
Or you have a mobile phone with wifi and want to use internet on it. The solution of this issue is very easy. Use your laptop as Wifi Router and connect other laptop or mobile with this wifi router.
The method help you to make Wifi Router on laptop. and your laptop wifi provides single of internet.

How to make Wi-Fi Router on laptop:


  • A laptop or computer with Wi-Fi and windows operating systems installed.
  • Connectify me (pro) download from Here. This is a old version of Connectify. You know “Old is Gold”. 🙂

Steps to follow:-

  • Install connectify me on your system after download it. During installation of connectify you may see a message for installation of .Net framework. So, install it or enable it if this framework is already present in your system.
  • Crack file is available in download package. Crack connectify to enjoy its complete features.
  • After installation do some settings for your hotspot. Give a specific name to identify hotspot and use a Password to secure Hotspot.
  • In internet area you need to select a connection for internet sharing. Good one is Automatic. Automatic option selects an available connection itself.
  • In Advanced, select Wi-Fi (keep on your Wi-Fi) and choice “Access Point, WPA2-PSK” in Security Mode. like this.

    Settings to use Laptop as WiFi Router

    how to use Laptop as WiFi Router

  • Start Hotspot after completion of settings. Provide hotspot password to your friends and also use on your cell phone, for using internet. You can see number of connected users to hotspot in Clients.
  • Allow Local Network Access in clients to use file sharing between WiFi. Yes you can also enjoy full speed data sharing upto 10 MB/s like internet cable. For file sharing you may need to read Windows file sharing and accessing via ip Address.

Hope! you are able to create your own wifi hotspot. And also enjoy data sharing between wifi to wifi. Contact us! you face any confusion or problem about “use of Laptop as WiFi Router”. Feel free to comment below for any suggestions or feedback.

Mehran Aziz

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