Fix attempted to downgrade extension idm error

How to fix Attempted to downgrade extension IDM in Google Chrome. Using unpacked IDM integration module extension in developer mode.

Hey, I have provided a complete method of installing IDM integration module in chrome. No doubt that is the actual method of installing an extension in Google chrome manually. But I receive messages from my friends and other people how read post fix IDM Integration Module.

They informed me that they face an error message during installing extension after dragging on extensions page. And that message is attempted to downgrade extension idm.

So, don’t worry about this more, because now I provide you this solution. When we add an extension on chrome this is packed and its format is .crx. This is the compressed file which contains different files and folders also. We can unpack these files and use them as developer.

Chrome provides Developer mode for developers (that create different extensions) for testing extensions. You need to create of folder which contains unpacked files of IDM integration module. Follow below steps to make unpacked folder to fix attempted to downgrade extension idm error.

How to create unpacked IDM integration module extension

  1. First of all go to C dive and open program files folder (if windows is 32 bit) or program files (x86) folder if windows is 64 bit.
  2. Here you see internet download manager folder, Find IDMGCExt.crx file in this folder.
  3. Copy this file and create a folder of name ‘idm’ at any other place (as you like). In this new created folder, past IDMGCExt.crx file.
  4. Now change this file extension from .crx to .rar. Don’t worry about how you can change this extension. Simply right click and rename it.

    change format from crx to rar

    change format from crx to rar

  5. After changing the extension you can open this file with WinRAR. So right click on this file and Extract it. Use extracts here option.

    extract files to unpack extension

    extract files to unpack extension

  6. After extracting, delete original IDMGCExt.rar file from this folder (idm). Now you have successfully unpacked IDM integrated module in idm folder.

How to install unpacked extension in Google chrome

  1. Open Google chrome and go to extensions page through Customize and control -> more tools -> extensions.

  2. At top you see Developer mode, if this is unchecked than check it to open developer mode. Because when Developer mode is on, you can load (install) unpacked extension.

    enable developer mode

    how to enable developer mode

  3. Click on Load unpacked extension. A small window is appear to browser unpacked extension folder. (our unpacked extension folder is idm which we already created). Search this folder and select it. After selecting correct folder as show below press OK.

    Select unpacked extention

    Select unpacked extention to fix attempted to downgrade extension idm

  4. You see new extension conformation message, Confirm it. Now you are successfully installed IDM integration module extension in your chrome browser. Don’t forget to check all options of this extension.

I am hundred percent sure that now you can fix attempted to downgrade extension idm error. Enjoy videos and other downloads with idm. If you still face any problem in fixing IDM integration module than fell free to contact us. Don’t forget to share with your friends and on social media.

Mehran Aziz

I am a Student of Software Engineering. I love to share tips and techniques to solve Problems related to Internet and Computer technologies.